What Should Women Eat When Bodybuilding

Most women would usually chart out their diet plans to suit their weight loss goals. However, for women who are going to compete in a fitness or bodybuilding competition, the focus of the diet would typically be toward gaining weight – in the form of muscle, and not fat. All of this must be accomplished without compromising on one’s feminine shape. The key here is to eat the right amount of micronutrients and calories when adjusting eating habits to support the training regime.

The Bulk Battle

When making muscle, your body is supposedly undergoing a caloric surplus. In other words, the caloric intake is more than what’s being burnt. As per expert guidelines, active ladies must take 2000-2400 calories every day for weight maintenance. Therefore, for bulking up, consuming 2000 calories or slightly more is a must. During the initial stages, you may begin with 2200 calories and if that’s not doing the trick, then increase portions as required. Generally, to gain lean mass, you must be gaining at least a pound every couple of weeks. In case the gain is higher, reduce your caloric intake marginally. If you are maintaining or losing weight, add an additional 100 or 200 calories to your diet per day.

Macronutrient Count

Carbs, fats, and protein are macronutrients that provide energy. Protein is essential for building and maintaining muscle mass. Women who are into bodybuilding and strict weight training regimens should target acquiring approximately a gram of protein for every body weight pound gained. This means you would have to include a lean protein source – for instance, cottage cheese, chicken breast, lean turkey or beef – in every meal. Once the protein target has been achieved, your focus should be to achieve the same results with fats and carbs. The carbohydrates you consume must primarily come from high-fiber, nutrient-dense sources such as veggies, fruits, whole-grain bread, rice and beans. In case of fats, choose the unsaturated type that’s normally found in oils, nuts, fatty fish and avocados.

Preparing for Contests

You’ll have to cut down on the calories at some time. This means you must drop body fat and become leaner, so that the muscles you worked so hard for show up when you’re on stage. With reference to the earlier daily calorie intake recommendations, begin at 2200 calories again, and further decrease your calories in case you’re not losing more than a pound every week. The simplest method to lose fat and lower calories while preserving muscle is lowering the carbohydrates a little.

Remember, your cutting and bulking diets need not be poles apart as far as the food items they comprise go – only the portions need to be altered to keep the caloric intake in check.